How Do I Book?

Please book online here

What are the Admission Criteria?

Swimming Ability

You don’t have to be able to swim but must be able to move 30m in the water with assistance of buoyancy aid.  Should be confident in the water and able to pull yourself out of the water.

Remember we have a team of specially trained staff and lifeguards on and around the park at all times.


Children & youths aged 6-10 years must have an adult or guardian 18 years + present on the waterpark with them at a ratio of 1 adult/guardian to 3 children/youths

Over 11-13 can attend the waterpark without supervision but must have an adult or guardian 18 + present at the waterpark facility.

Over 14’s can attend without any other supervision

Medical Details
Do not participate if you are pregnant.

You cannot participate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you have any medical conditions, or pre-existing injuries that could impair your use of the park or risk aggravation of the injury you should not attend.  If you are in any doubt, please seek professional advice from you doctor. Do not ask us, as we are not qualified to give advice on your medical history.

You must agree to always abide by the rules.

Do I have to make a reservation?

No we do accept walk in bookings, however we always advise to book online to avoid disappointment as we cannot guarantee there will always be spaces available. If you have not booked online please check our website before your visit to ensure that there are sessions available.  We will also keep you updated on social media as to available session times and dates.

What should I bring to the park?

Swim suit


Cotton socks, cotton socks are compulsory for all users

Flip flops or shoes to wear while walking to the safety briefing area

If you have your own wetsuit you can wear it on the park but you will have to wear out  buoyancy aid. There is no discount for wearing your own wetsuit but if it’s comfy and fits you perfect why not wear it.

What are the opening dates & times?

We are closed until Mid May 2021.  Our session times can be found on our booking website here

Each waterpark session lasts 60 minutes.  The first session starts at 10:00am with sessions every 1 hour 15 minutes with the last session at 4:15pm

Closed on the 8th of July 2020 for the rest of the season…Reopening Mid May 2021

Session 1 – 11:15 am

Session 2 – 12:30pm

Session 3 – 1:45pm

Session 4 – 3:00pm

Session 5 – 4:15pm

Note: Timings may vary in Midweeks for June to suit school bookings

What facilities are available?

As well as the inflatable waterpark our facilities include the following

  • Reception area for payment and admissions wrist tag collection for online bookings.
  • Male & Female toilets and changing facilities
  • Storage lockers are available free of charge
  • Safety Briefing Tent

Is there anything else to do?

Yes we offer

  • Kayaking and stand up paddle boards through our kayaking partners Lough Allen Adventure
  • Single and Double Kayaks for rent
  • Group packages incorporating other activities, please see group bookings/school tours.

What should I bring & Wear?

We advise bringing the following

  • A swim suit to wear inside the wetsuit
  • A Towel
  • Flip flops / shoes for the walk to the waters edge
  • Cotton socks (are compulsory and must be worn on the park)
  • Cotton grip trampoline socks are available to purchase at the Waterpark Reception if required
  • No jewellery, sharp objects can be worn on the water park
  • No spectacles or glasses can be worn.
  • Swimming goggles can be worn

If you have your own wetsuit you can wear it on the park but you will have to wear out  buoyancy aid. There is no discount for wearing your own wetsuit but if it’s comfy and fits you perfect why not wear it.

What is included in the admissions price?

Included in the admissions price are the following

  • 60 minutes use of the waterpark
  • Use of our storage lockers
  • Use of our specially designed wet-suits
  • Use of our Buoyancy aids
  • It is compulsory to wear our buoyancy aids
  • It is compulsory to wear a wetsuit
  • You can bring your own wetsuit but no discounts are available

How do I complete the Discalimer?

If you book online you have already agreed to the terms and conditions of the Blueway Waterpark Disclaimer.  If you book and pay at reception you must sign our disclaimer before admission to use the waterpark.